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Our resident Dental Therapist and Dental Hygienist can perform adult fillings, take all x-rays, study models, and carry out all children's treatments including extractions, fissure seals, stainless steel crowns and fillings.


Both Helen Jamieson (left) and Louise McNeil offer treatments relating to all aspects of hygiene therapy, from simple scale and polishes to more complex gum disease cases. If required, your dentist will refer you for these treatments.  


Maybe you have a wedding or holiday in the near future and want to look your best? You can book an appointment with Helen or Louise - they will carry out a scale and polish to give you a dazzling smile!


No reference from your dentist is required - you don’t even have to be registered with the practice.


Call 01475 741162 to book an appointment today.

Lynton House Dental Practice, Port GlasgowLynton House Dental Practice, Port Glasgow | Den
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